UCF Machineshop Performance Engines 
6.7L PowerStroke® Diesel Short & Long Blocks

Warranty: one year unlimited mileage

*Please read about Core Charges in our FAQs.

All UCF Performance short blocks have had the following remanufacturing operations completed:

  • Completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned in our hot acid jetwash
  • Crankshaft is magnafluxed for cracks
  • Crankshaft is measured and polished or ground
  • Connecting rods checked and reconditioned as necessary
  • Pin bushings replaced and honed to fit
  • Block is bored .020 over
  • Block is torque plated for honing for proper cylinder distortion
  • Honing is performed on a state of the art Rottler® HP7A Diamond Smart Hone
  • Resurface the fire deck of the block
  • Check line bore and hone if necessary
  • All oil galley plugs tapped and replaced w/ threaded plugs to prevent leaks
  • Camshaft is reground with new lifters
  • New Mahle® pistons
  • Piston tops coated with thermal barrier
  • Piston skirts coated with dry film lubricant
  • Second piston rings converted to gapless to minimize blowby
  • Install Clevite® P-Series Rod-Bearings and Main-Bearings
  • Rotating assembly is balanced to maximize durability and performance
  • Machine top of pistons to maintain proper piston protrusion
  • Assembly is balanced to maximize durability and performance
  • Hand assembled with proper clearances


  • Aftermarket connecting rods (R&R, Carillo, Crower)
  • Camshaft regrinding to stage 1 or stage 2 by Colt Cams Inc®
  • Camshaft and crankshaft gears welded
  • Heavy Duty ARP head studs
  • We do custom upgrades too