UCF Machineshop Remanufactured Short Blocks 
6.0L PowerStroke® Diesel Short Block 18mm or 20mm

  • $5,500 - 6.0L Short Block w/ 18mm Head Dowels
  • $600 (Core charge — *CORE CHARGES policy link below)
  • Total online price $6,100 for short block and refundable core charge ‚Äč(excludes freight+applicable taxes)
  • * Freight – will be determined and charged separately before shipping as round-trip shipping can vary from $400-$1000 within the continental United States. We will contact you after purchase for details and determine shipping charges or you may call or email us for a freight quote before purchase.
  • Availability: typically ships within one week

Warranty: one year unlimited mileage

*Please read about Core Charges in our FAQs.

All short blocks have had the following remanufacture operations completed:

  • Completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned in our hot acid jetwash
  • Crankshaft is magnafluxed for cracks
  • Crankshaft is measured and polished or ground
  • Connecting rods checked and reconditioned as necessary
  • Pin bushings replaced and honed to fit
  • Block is bored .020-.030 over
  • Block is torque plated for honing for proper cylinder distortion
  • Honing is performed on a state of the art Rottler® HP7A diamond smart hone
  • Resurface of the fire deck of the block
  • Check line bore and hone if necessary
  • All oil galley plugs tapped and replaced w/ threaded plugs to prevent leaks
  • Camshaft is reground with new lifters or optional upgrades are available
  • New Mahle® pistons
  • Machine top of pistons to maintain proper piston protrusion
  • Piston skirts coated with dry film lubricant
  • Piston tops coated with thermal barrier
  • Second piston rings converted to gapless to minimized blowby
  • Rotating assembly is balanced to maximize durability and performance
  • Hand assembled with proper clearances