Street Port Job

With our “Street” port job we concentrate on the bowl and seat area of the ports and do a performance valve job with 5-7 angles. This area is critical in order to yield fairly significant gains in airflow at higher valve lifts without sacrificing low lift performance and works well with stock and performance cams available for these engines. The reason many customers have been going this route is not for the increased power, but more for reliability. By making the air flow more efficiently through the engine, it decreases EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature).

Customers have reported the “Street” port jobs have decreased EGT readings across the range of normal driving about 50*F, causes them to rise more slowly, and drop off more quickly. There is additional time necessary for us to perform performance upgrades.

Sample Flow Report - 6.7L Performance Heads

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Sample flow report 6.7L Performance Heads thumbnail